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AUDITIONS OPEN FOR 2021! All youth wishing to audition for YIPA must first complete an online audition application form. Once we receive this, we will be in contact to arrange your audition! Go for it! THIS LINK WILL TAKE YOU TO THE AUDITION APPLICATION FORM:

Welcome to Youth In Performing Arts, otherwise known as YIPA Sunshine Coast!
We are so excited to finally announce this amazing program based in the Sunshine Coast, designed to give young performers the opportunity to advance their skills with a safe performance space and alongside industry prof...

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What is YIPA?


The Youth in Performing Arts (YIPA) project aims to give young performers the opportunity to advance their skills by performing under professional guidance and conditions. Performers are auditioned to create a variety concert to be staged in June 2021 at the Flinders Performance Centre. 
YIPA encourages all of the performing arts. All forms of live entertainment are catered for in the concert program. Performers may appear in solo acts, with accompanists, as a duo, or in groups. 

Who can enter?
YIPA is open to any performer in any style of entertainment, so long as they have reached the age of attending High School, and are no older than 21. YIPA performers must reside within the Sunshine Coast or Noosa LGA or attend a school / studio within that area on a fulltime basis. 


Inaugural YIPA Sunshine Coast event : 2021
YIPA is a major event on the Central Coast NSW and the Sunshine Coast project has strong links to the Central Coast YIPA project and their full support. 
The inaugural Sunshine Coast event will be held in 2021, with the view to creating an annual YIPA event for the Sunshine Coast that will become as significant as its southern predecessor. 
For 2021, auditions will be held during April  in a range of venues including open audition days in the brand new theatre space at the University of the Sunshine Coast, at selected schools and studios, and anywhere else the audition panel can arrange to see performances by youth with talent. 
Auditions and rehearsals will be run by the YIPA production team, USC Creative Industries students, and industry professionals and trainers in the performing arts.
The inaugural YIPA Sunshine Coast concert will be held at the Flinders Performance Centre on 12 June

History of YIPA
The YIPA Sunshine Coast project is based directly on the YIPA project running since 1992 on the Central Coast, NSW, that has around 500 acts auditioning each year to end up with 120 acts performing over 4 nights to sellout crowds. Checkout

Why do it?
YIPA provides an opportunity for youth with outstanding talent to perform in a professional venue. 
It is not a competition; there is no comparison of items, individual or schools. Young people do what they like to do and do it well for the pleasure of performing in a high quality variety concert.
Being non-school based, the program affords and encourages young people with a talent for performing from all over the Sunshine Coast, from all educational institutions, and young people who are no longer at school.

Underlying values and goals
  • YIPA is inclusive and helps to develop a sense of community amongst the youth of
    the Sunshine Coast. 

  • YIPA helps young people develop confidence in themselves and their ability to
    contribute to being part of a team, as the production team regard each performer as
    a talented artist in their own right. New skills are honed as young people are provided with the opportunity to accompany other performers.

  • YIPA helps to develop in young people an appreciation and acceptance of others
    through shared interests and experience. 

  • YIPA provides an opportunity for the wider community to see and appreciate the
    outstanding talent of young performers, and young performers to understand that their talent will be and is appreciated by a broad cross-section of the general public.

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